News Erdbeben IV

Liebe Sahayata Freunde,

Gott sei Dank haben alle unsere Kinder, Freunde und Bekannten auch das zweite starke Erdbeben überlebt! Es gibt immer noch Nachbeben, die die Bevölkerung in Angst hält. Jeder versucht so gut es geht selbst Hilfe zu organisieren. Tilak unser langjährig guter Freund kauft derzeit so viele Zelte die er bekommen kann und verteilt sie an die meist notdürftigen Familien deren Unterkunft durch das Erdbeben komplett zerstört wurde. Wir von Sahayata unterstüzten  unter anderem auch diese Aktion.


Mail von Tilak Nepal Earthquake Update:

 Life in Nepal is trying to get back to normal but, still panic ridden since the third deadly major tremor (6.8 magnitude) again on last Tuesday causing loss of more than thousand lives and more destruction. So called aftershock tremors are still being felt in the central parts of Nepal and some are big enough to scare people to stay out of homes, offices, shops, schools and so on. Good thing now is even a little shake alert and make people run away for safety. But the situation becomes nervous and tense and no way to get back to work or usual daily routine. Most people still sleep out in open areas making tents scarce. Now, even those people whose houses are not badly cracked sleep outside especially people  who own mud/rock houses in the villages and tall houses in towns/cities.


From the last Tuesday, there is more demand of tents from remotes villages of Phalametar, Mahangkal Chaur, Kharpa Chyo all from South West of Kavrepalanchok districts. Most villages do not have even dirt road link. Total need is about over 1000 tents and still short of about 450 tents. So, we are dispatching 150 tents to two different villages and will be delivered/distributed by Thursday. Trying to acquire 100 more tents and this makes MESO company’s (non profit) contribution of 405 tents to the needy victims. We purchased them from Kathmandu market. With additional 193 tents received/distributed  free of cost from my Nepali friends c/o Nepali Society Texas, USA, grant total is 598 tents. Price range of a tarp and sipau tents  is between Rs. 1300.  to  Rs. 1900. per piece depending on different qualities. The market is not yet stable and only partially open and the price is not uniform.           


In the villages, an average household needs 3 tents; one for the family, one for covering the collapsed/crumbled house and one for the domestic animal. The crumbled houses still have some foods and other belongings under the debris. Only a very few lucky gets 3 tents.  Our board members and volunteers are doing preliminary screening to identify most poor and needy victims from the villages for further assistance of safe house building. More details will follow in the next days and you will be updated.


Auch wenn dieses Erdbeben nicht mehr in der Presse und im Fernsehen gegenwärtig ist, sind die Betroffenen auf unsere Soldarität und Unterstützung unverändert angewiesen.Vor allem der Wiederaufbau wird eine Herausforderung.

Anbei möchte ich Euch noch ein kleines Video schicken:

…und einen neuen Rundbrief von DSA

Vielen herzlichen Dank an alle für die tolle Unterstützung und beste Grüße

Euer Sahayata Team

Adelheid, Waltraud und Renate


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