• We support children and adolescents that have been experiencing homelessness in Kathmandu (Nepal). We want to help these children break the cycle of living without prospects, prevent further deterioration and ensure that they develop into healthy and productive citizens. The children get taken care of in a shelter and attend a nearby school.
  • Furthermore, we support a facility in Nepal, in which disabled children and adolescents live, enjoying the best possible support according to their needs, and go to school.
  • In Indonesia we provide aid to a poor family with three children.
  • In Tanzania, we have a new project which involves the construction of a new classroom in the Masai country.

SAHAYATA – means help, assistance, support

… and this is what we use your donations for –to support children and adolescents in need.

SAHAYATA e.V. was founded in January 2011. The initiative was seized by a team, which has long supported children in need.

We are motivated to protect and help forgotten, overlooked, and underprivileged street children.

Join us with your support. It would make us and especially the street children very happy.

Our association:

  • funds shelter, clothing, food, care, education, and medical care;
  • provides protection from crime
  • builds schools and disabled- accessible facilities;
  • supports therapeutic care, and;
  • provides advice and support.