Earthquake help in Nepal

After the severe earthquakes in April and May 2015 in the region of Kathmandu, our contact people in Nepal: Ram Hari Khadka, Daya Ram Maharjan and Tilak Lama became active with their non-profit organization MESO in order to support people affected by the catastrophe. Thanks to the donations that came in from friends and members of the association Sahayata e.V., many people were able to be helped in this way in their state of emergency. At first, food, water and medicine were distributed and also tarps for a makeshift lodging were set up. The older children of the children’s home in Sundarijal and the team from MESO were essential helpers. It was difficult to reach the mountains. The last stretch to the villages often had to be done on foot, because many roads were buried by the earthquake. A number of villages could be assisted and taken care of with small vehicles and several local helpers.

In Lalitpur the supply of clean drinking water was cut off. Sahayata e.V. was able to solve the problem quickly here with a large water filter, that Heike Vehma had brought to the children’s home. Village people were also able to supply themselves with drinking water.

After the initial aid, construction material was bought and distributed, particularly corrugated metal sheets, so that the homeless families in need could build makeshift lodging. With these shacks, things could get somewhat back to “normal” and above all, the people and their belongings could be protected against the heavy monsoon rainfall. It was also important that food be saved from spoiling.

During his tour of the villages In the Fall, Tilak Lama brought mothers’ newborn children typical baby provisions.

Before the break of Winter, the poorest of the higher situated villages received warm items, such as clothing and sleeping bags, in order to be well equipped for the cold winter of the mountains.

A sincere thanks to everyone who made all of this possible.

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A few more words to earthquake relief and sustainability.

Tilak Lama especially took great effort that damaged living space be replaced in such a way as to withstand future earthquakes. He discussed various plans with engineers and in cooperation with them developed a concept of construction which is safe, and at the same time affordable for people in Nepal. Based on this concept, “sample homes” and a school were built. This type of construction was presented in trainings with engineers in 2016 in many villages. Tilak also arranges workshops for earthquake-proof construction methods today. Sahayata e.V. is supporting his activities financially, also in 2017.