SAHAYATA School project Makuyuni Primary School/Tanzania

A spot in the classroom for every child

If you draw a comparison about education worldwide, it is obvious, that children on the African continent are disadvantaged. The schools are mostly overcrowded and badly equipped, or the school fees and uniforms cannot be paid for. Often there are classes with more than 100 students in it. So it is clear, that everyone who doesn‘t come along falls by the wayside.

Sahayata members travelled to Tanzania in 2013 and visited two schools in the Maasai region there. One school is in Bulati in the Ngoro Ngoro Conservation area and the other one on the way to the Serengeti in  Makuyuni.

The outcome of the Makuyuni school visit was frustating:

„One part of the school was in such disrepair, that, because of the imminent danger of collapse, no lessons could be held in two classrooms. Termites have already destroyed part of the school. Windows in the entire school are damaged. During class more than 100 students huddle together in one classroom. The kitchen and the restrooms are in need of rehabilitation“ reported Adelheid Schneider, after her trip.

In this case it was instantly clear, that we, from Sahayata wanted to help. Our goal is, that every child  will receive sufficient space for  themselves in the classroom. Therefore, our first Africa project was launched.

The goal of our project is:

Construction or restoration of new class rooms and provision of school materials like books, notebooks, pens, etc.

Help us

Through your donations we can help together to ease the extreme situation in the Makuyuni Primary school. Every Euro that gets donated on our SAHAYATA donation account with the subject: “Africa”, goes directly into the school project.

Let us help together – Thank you very much